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Corporate & Executive Hypnotherapy Workshops

Businesses that utilize hypnotherapy in their workplaces have better employee health, satisfaction co-operation, efficiency and more. Diana Rushton has extended her expertise into many corporate environments, large and small with amazing results.

Unlocking the Essential Elements of our Greatness & Potential

All that is required is a simple shift in perspective in order to create positive, lasting change. The greatest power we have is the power of our minds. The very thoughts running through our mind create the reality we live in. They shape the way we interact with each other, our teams, our customers, and the world around us. If our thoughts are positive and successful, so will be our reality. By learning tools to unlock the essential element of our greatness & potential, we can create powerful changes in ourselves and our organization.

In this exciting workshop, you will explore highly effective tools. We will dive deeper into how our thoughts are impacting our work, our teams, and our daily lives. We will learn powerful tools and techniques for developing positive thinking habits and creative problem solving skills. Additionally, Diana will do a group transformational hypnotherapy session live in the workshop to transform a limiting belief into a source of empowerment in real time.

Seminar Duration – 2 Hours


Seminar Facilitator — Diana Rushton

Learning Modules:-

  • Introduction to Human Mind
  • Function & Our Most Powerful Resource State
  • The Power of Visualization and Positive Affirmation
  • Transforming Limiting Beliefs
  • Utilizing the Power of your Thoughts to Create Positive Action & Change
  • A Bespoke Full Transformational Hypnotherapy Session
  • Neuroplasticity Recording to Instil the Upgraded Belief System for Each Individual

Program Fee

One facilitator teaching, leading discussions, transformational therapy session & bespoke neuroplasticity recording for each employee.

Prices for Corporate packages on request only. Reasonable travel & expense charge at cost.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy
in the Workplace

Reducing Anxiety and Stress – Poor mental health is costly!  It is estimated to cost employers in the UK £39.9 billion each year in the UK.
A staggering 72 million workers miss work each day due to mental health problems.  Anxiety and stress are areas where hypnotherapy can be highly effective in generating positive and beneficial change for an individual.  Studies show that hypnotherapy generally drops stress levels by 45.5%!  This tends to positively impact the individual, their team, AND the business.

Customer Service / Improving Mood – How important is Customer Service to your business? Studies show that on average, individuals who participate in hypnotherapy are 32% happier, 58.8% less depressed, and 54.5% less angry. These positive benefits enable employees to provide better customer service, and to work better with their teams.  It improves problem solving skills and promotes healthy resolution of conflicts.

Improving Leadership Skills & Increasing Confidence – An increase in confidence is one of the biggest boosts to any career.  Hypnosis can reaffirm an individual’s worth, installing a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in the workplace.

Increasing Productivity – For many people an instinctual response to stress and/or fear is avoidance.  This might mean ignoring a phone call, delaying a project, avoiding co-worker interactions, or making that important sales call etc. Hypnotherapy can help employees conquer stress and underlying fears that may be limiting them in the workplace.

Improve Public Speaking – Hypnotherapy can give your employees more confidence in public speaking. With more public speaking confidence, employees are also more likely to speak up and share their valuable thoughts and ideas in meetings with the team.

Improve focus/memory – Studies have shown that hypnosis can help improve memory, which is invaluable in the workplace. By increasing recall memory, an employee can be perceived by customers as more competent and helpful and can be perceived by peers and supervisors as being better organised and dedicated to the company.  Increased focus results in finishing tasks on time and eliminating errors.

General Wellness – Hypnotherapy can support overall general wellness by dealing with weight reduction, quitting smoking, eating a healthier diet, alleviating pain/chronic tension/headaches, and increase exercise.

Who I Work With

I work with Executives, Leaders, and Employees to empower them to be their best version of themselves. 
In addition to working with these leaders 1:1 in my own private practice, I also provide corporate hypnotherapy sessions for progressive, forward thinking organizations that offer hypnotherapy to their employees as a corporate perk. 

Sessions can be in person or virtual.  Employees can schedule their sessions through a dedicated online scheduling tool.  I provide all support for the employees as well as recordings of their session.  Shift your perspective. Open new doors. Endless opportunities await you. Change your thoughts, change your life!

Invest in your people and your business. Discover how Dr Hypnotherapy can vastly improve productivity and profitability in your workplace.

Just some of the effects companies have been seeing is increases in sick leave, absences, presenteeism, conflict, communication breakdown, discrimination lawsuits, unmotivated staff, and unmet targets.


This is where employees turn up for work but are unable to be productive due to struggling with their mental health. Presenteeism accounts for 2 times more losses than absences.
45% of workers admitted to suffering with this in 2019.


Mental ill health is the number 1 cause of sickness absences in the UK. Nearly ⅘ of employers’ report stress-related absence in their organisation over the last year. The problem is no doubt bigger than we know as 1 in 5 people take a day off for stress and 90% of these people cited a different reason for their absence. 
Over 1⁄5 of businesses reports that mental health is the primary cause for long-term absence with a significant increase in the number of reported common mental health problems among employees in the last 12 months, there has never been a more crucial time to act.

Discrimination lawsuits 

As Mental Health is covered within the Equality Act 2010, employers may face a rise in discrimination lawsuits. In certain circumstances, for example if an employer fails to make reasonable adjustments, they could become liable to pay damages were a successful claim to be brought in the Employment Tribunal.

So what’s the solution?

A bespoke mental wellness solution that fits the needs of YOUR company. Dr Hypnotherapy offers a bespoke solution to the rise in the number of staff with mental health problems. 

By giving employees access to Dr Hypnotherapy, business owners are looking after the future of their business by looking after the people that will enable it to continue to grow.

All businesses are unique, just as each member of staff is different with their individual needs. Each has their own needs and ways of learning that are effective for them – Dr Hypnotherapy can create a bespoke programme for each individual.

Get involved!
It is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1 – Get in touch with our team and arrange a discovery call. 

Step 2 – Decide which solution is the best fit for your business. 

Step 3 – Let Dr Hypnotherapy take care of the rest. You have done your job, now watch your business flourish with an empowered, motivated, balanced workforce that are striving to be the best they can be.

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