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Sunrise & Sunset

“One of the simplest things you can do to improve your physical & mental health, and to make sure your body clock is working properly is to expose yourself to daylight at sunrise and sunset.”

Bathing in natural daylight for 10 minutes at both sunrise and sunset is not only an incredible way to begin your day, but it comes with a host of benefits.

The most significant benefit: you’re getting full-spectrum light that helps to regulate your circadian biology.

The circadian rhythm controls many things including the timing of hormone release.

It is how we evolved to function, and it’s the only way our hormones and biological systems can function as designed.

Light coming into the eyes regulates the hypothalamus which in turn regulates the autonomic nervous system, energy balance, heat regulation, sleep, circulation, cell growth, maturation, and emotional balance.

The hypothalamus also controls pituitary gland secretions (thus, melatonin production.)

Melatonin is a hormone that, most importantly, signals to the body it’s time for bed (exposure to artificial light hinders its secretion.)

To make sure your body’s melatonin production isn’t interfered with, avoid blue light after sunset.

The sun also has tremendous healing affects on almost every skin condition known to man.

You can start by getting 15 mins sun exposure at sunrise, and 15 mins at sunset.

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