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Too often, people are held back in life by mental blocks that are created in their own minds from longstanding fears and anxieties. Hypnotherapy can help people overcome those blocks and reach their full potential.

Our Story

A Brief Story About DHC.

DR Hypnotherapy Corporate was founded by a team of experienced professionals with a common goal; to improve mental health in the workplace.

The vision is to create a world of business unhindered by poor mental health and to empower all employees to reach for their full potential.

The end goal being positive workplace cultures, where individuals can thrive and perform to their ultimate level, thus driving to the best outcomes and results for organisations.

Our Team

Diana Rushton

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist C.hyp., MPMH., CPPD., CC.Hyp

Diana is an international award winning mental health professional, whose impressive career has spanned over 25 years.

From an early age, Diana had a huge passion for understanding the mind and neuroscience. This led her to thrive in her role as a caring Mental health nurse, supporting and helping thousands of patients in her home town.

Witnessing first hand the rapid increase in mental health issues snd the lack of resource to effectively support these issues, Diana spent time exploring neuroscience on a deeper level. Alongside this research she studied and qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist with the renowned Marisa Peer.

7 years ago, Diana launched her private practice, helping thousands of people across the globe. Her Rapid Transform Technique that she has developed and practices is unique as clients only need one session, ad opposed to traditional talking therapy that can be an investment of repeated sessions over lengthy periods of time. Diana’s clients say she has cured addiction, depression, anxiety and much more.

As Diana behang to Empower  more and more CEOs and leaders, she identified the impact of mental health on organisations, leaders and teams and knowing she could help improve this so DHC was born.

Diana created wellbeing amd mindset workshops for groups that would eradicate any limited beliefs individuals held, create positive thinking and unleash potential.

Her passion is to create positive changes in  businesses  across the globe that will engender  healthy mindsets, thriving individuals and therefore a strong workforce who can achieve optimal results.

Nicola Bushby


Nicola’s passion for empowering people in the workplace started with her degree in European Business Studies back in 1996!

Her BA hons Business degree peeked her interest in the complexities of becoming successful in the corporate world!

She began her corporate career, which has spanned over 25 years, working in sales roles and then latterly leadership roles for Blue chip companies such as Cadbury, Trinity Mirror and Lexis Nexis.

Nicola’s heartland of success is leading and motivating award winning teams, empowering and coaching individuals to fulfil their potential and achieve success in their career.

Since the pandemic, Nicola and her fellow leaders have identified a huge increase in mental health issues amongst the workforce and seen firsthand the issues this causes. A rise in sick days, negative cultures and poor performance are the results of poor wellbeing among employees.
Nicola has become an advocate for supporting mental health and is determined to encourage organisations to take their corporate responsibility seriously and put actions in place in 2023 that will make a real difference to their employees and therefore their organisation.

As a mother of two teenagers, who are part of the next generation of workers, Nicola is determined to help create healthier workplaces where future employees can thrive.

And so over a glass of wine with Diana Rushton Drhypnotherapy corporate was born!

The pair created a bespoke solution offering organisations the knowledge and expertise that many do not have to effectively support the mental health pandemic that is surging through their workforce.

Oliver Garrow

Business Consultant.

Oliver is one of our founding members of DHC.
His lifelong interest in human behaviours and personal development saw him to complete a BA hons in Physcology at Hull University.

Self development is a central part of his life and he continually looks for ways to reach his full potential both in the workplace and in his home life.

As a top performer in a Fts 20 company, Oliver quickly identified wellbeing  issues faced by many of his colleagues, stemming from personal and work related pressures.

Seeing how individuals self doubt and limiting beliefs can affect performance in the workplace, inspired him to want to make a difference and start to solve this reocuring issue.

His drive is to support individuals to achieve their peak performance in all aspects of their life!

Educating the corporate world on the value of investing in their workforces mindset and wellbeing is a passion that he is determined to bring to life in 2023 and beyond.

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