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Try these 6 ways to reduce stress & anxiety

1. Don’t fight your anxiety – Has fighting your feelings of overwhelm and stress ever helped you?
It’s unlikely, you’d probably just boost your feelings instead. Try taking a moment to stop and be still. It may feel counterintuitive but it allows you to ride out the wave of anxiety instead.

2. Take a physical break – Remove yourself briefly from the physical situation your in. This will break your pattern of stressful thoughts and allow fresh thinking to come in.

3. Don’t multitask – You might think you’re doing well at writing an email while talking on the phone or catching up on your favourite tv show whilst writing a report. But it just means you’re brain is flitting from one task to another, draining your energy and doing both things badly.

4. Calm breathing – This resets your nervous system.

5. One bite at a time – I find it easier to break an overwhelming task down to just the first step (or bite). It then feels manageable and having achieved it I feel calmer and positive.

6. Focus on the bigger picture  – This is a specific busy period but it will pass and will it really be that awful if you don’t complete your to-do list?

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