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Benefits of Hypnotherapy
in the Workplace

Reducing Anxiety and Stress – Poor mental health is costly!  It is estimated to cost employers in the UK £39.9 billion each year in the UK.
A staggering 72 million workers miss work each day due to mental health problems.  Anxiety and stress are areas where hypnotherapy can be highly effective in generating positive and beneficial change for an individual.  Studies show that hypnotherapy generally drops stress levels by 45.5%!  This tends to positively impact the individual, their team, AND the business.

Customer Service / Improving Mood – How important is Customer Service to your business? Studies show that on average, individuals who participate in hypnotherapy are 32% happier, 58.8% less depressed, and 54.5% less angry. These positive benefits enable employees to provide better customer service, and to work better with their teams.  It improves problem solving skills and promotes healthy resolution of conflicts.

Improving Leadership Skills & Increasing Confidence – An increase in confidence is one of the biggest boosts to any career.  Hypnosis can reaffirm an individual’s worth, installing a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in the workplace.

Increasing Productivity – For many people an instinctual response to stress and/or fear is avoidance.  This might mean ignoring a phone call, delaying a project, avoiding co-worker interactions, or making that important sales call etc. Hypnotherapy can help employees conquer stress and underlying fears that may be limiting them in the workplace.

Improve Public Speaking – Hypnotherapy can give your employees more confidence in public speaking. With more public speaking confidence, employees are also more likely to speak up and share their valuable thoughts and ideas in meetings with the team.

Improve focus/memory – Studies have shown that hypnosis can help improve memory, which is invaluable in the workplace. By increasing recall memory, an employee can be perceived by customers as more competent and helpful and can be perceived by peers and supervisors as being better organised and dedicated to the company.  Increased focus results in finishing tasks on time and eliminating errors.

General Wellness – Hypnotherapy can support overall general wellness by dealing with weight reduction, quitting smoking, eating a healthier diet, alleviating pain/chronic tension/headaches, and increase exercise.

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