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5 Tips For Being More Confident

How To Be An Authentically Confident Person (and stop looking for approval)

 Here are a few simple steps to help you:

1. Identify your beliefs and values.

These are your moral compass and guide you in the actions and decisions you make. You can identify them by thinking about times you were really happy and times you were very low, and identify what yours and others behaviours were that meant you felt good or bad.

2. Respect yourself.

This sounds easy but can be difficult when other people disagree with your behaviour or opinions. The important thing is to speak up or act on your thoughts, wants and needs. It gives your self-worth such a boost to have trusted and respected yourself

3. Accept your weaknesses.

If you can acknowledge and accept both your talents and your flaws, it empowers you to be authentic. The focus shouldn’t just be on what you want to improve, but also recognising and celebrating your successes

4. Have courage.

Be bold enough to live your life according to what you believe is right, and not let fear stop you from doing the things you dream of. What is the worst case scenario if you were brave? Could you live with it?

5. Focus on yourself in the present moment.

By keeping your thoughts on the moment you’re less concerned about what others think, and it liberates you to be authentically you.

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