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Is your organisation struggling to cope with an increase in sick leave due to mental health issues?
If so you are not alone, since Covid 19, businesses across the globe are experiencing an increase in sick leave, presenteeism, conflict, communication breakdown, discrimination lawsuits, unmotivated staff and unmet targets.


This is where employees turn up for work but are unable to be productive due to struggling with their mental health. Presenteeism accounts for 2 times more losses than absences.
45% of workers admitted to suffering with this in 2019.


Mental ill health is the number 1 cause of sickness absences in the UK. Nearly ⅘ of employers’ report stress-related absence in their organisation over the last year. The problem is no doubt bigger than we know as 1 in 5 people take a day off for stress and 90% of these people cited a different reason for their absence. 
Over 1⁄5 of businesses reports that mental health is the primary cause for long-term absence with a significant increase in the number of reported common mental health problems among employees in the last 12 months, there has never been a more crucial time to act.

Discrimination lawsuits 

As Mental Health is covered within the Equality Act 2010, employers may face a rise in discrimination lawsuits. In certain circumstances, for example if an employer fails to make reasonable adjustments, they could become liable to pay damages were a successful claim to be brought in the Employment Tribunal.

Unmotivated Staff

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All of these issues impact your productivity and profitability

To find out how we can help combat these issues click here for a consultation.

Let Us Enable Behavioural Change!

This is a key element of your employee’s development and growth.

In any professional environment many employees cover their true feelings for fear of being exposed, questioning their ability as an employee and jeopardising their job by showing their vulnerability. Something that needs addressing in all corporate worlds.

By understanding how we can bring resilience to our lives, we can better align our mental health & well-being. Many corporate environments would flourish with better-focused employees.

Dr Hypnotherapy provides bespoke corporate workshops which are specifically designed to support behavioural change in any working environment.

Our mind- training workshops are an invaluable source of empowerment for businesses and employees.

This investment of time creates a bespoke interaction, which supports the growth of individuals.


The best place to learn about your workplace wellbeing is your workplace itself.

Dr Hypnotherapy corporate continues to help thousands of people across the globe every day to roll-out a culture of mental well-being.

Our method has changed the trajectory of multiple organisations.


How our business wellness & mind-set service will help.

A bespoke mental wellness solution that fits the needs of YOUR company. Dr Hypnotherapy offers a bespoke solution to the rise in the number of staff with mental health problems.

By giving employees access to Dr Hypnotherapy, business owners are looking after the future of their business by looking after the people that will enable it to continue to grow.

Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential Through Mind-Set Workshops Will:

  • Increase productivity and results.
  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Help to make your employees feel valued and rewarded.
  • Motivate employees to stay in their current job.
  • Create a culture of trust and growth.
  • Improve mental wellbeing which in turn will create better focus & motivation.
  • Protect the most valuable asset – your people.

All businesses are unique, just as each member of staff is different with their individual needs. Each has their own needs and ways of learning that are effective for them – Dr Hypnotherapy can create a bespoke programme for each individual.

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